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Laughs often.
Travels easily.

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Eight years ago, Heather earned her BFA in graphic arts and photography. She now has ample experience in both, as well as videography and editing, building brands, creating UI and managing social media.

Heather currently works full-time as a digital designer with an Austin start-up – KEY.  She also contracts part-time (as well as volunteers) with a nonprofit which she holds close to her heart – The Dinner Party, in conjunction with The People's Supper.  In the past, she has worked with companies large and small –– those with years of history and those just beginning to build their foundation –– in architecture, education and design. She also runs an Instagram account for no reason other than fun, @theinvisibletomboy, which reached 34K+ followers in two years.

When she's not at her many desks, Heather is out social cycling, swimming or volunteering her time to run a grief group for young adults.

Software knowledge: Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision, Microsoft Office Suite, Wordpress, Squarespace, ClickDimensions, Survey Monkey, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Iconosquare,, Slack, and MindNode.



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Some selected accolades


The Atlantic: Millennials in the Gig Economy
by Emily Anne Epstein + Alan Taylor, 2017

Huffington Post: This Dinner Party Brings Together Those Who Are Grieving
by Kira Brekke, 2016

Promote Love: Heather's Story
by Steph Grant, 2016