Project: Website Redesign
Client: Key Travel
Agency: In-house

Key Travel serves top tier clientele looking for personal concierge to assist in travel and event planning.


With all of Key’s offerings, users were overwhelmed with choices and confused on the purchasing process. We needed to provide users with clarity about how the brand worked and increase user travel itinerary completion.

Our measurements of success were quarterly sales growth per travel market and overall positive Google Analytics.

Our team used Google Analytics to discover popular user purchases and failed brand offerings. Six out of thirteen of Key’s travel markets weren’t meeting quarterly sales goals. About 10% of users in failing markets added itinerary items to their cart but did not complete purchase. And about 25% of users built itineraries via phone calls directly to concierge rather than via our website or iOS app.

We designed a responsive website focused on guiding the user to contact the concierge first via form submission.